Successful Career Fair week at UTAB

University and Industry Partners after the successful career fair. Picture: UTAB

From the 26th to 28th of February, the Partners of NEWW met in Byumba, Rwanda to conduct the first official Career Fair of the project. Joined by Industry Partners from Oldenburg, as well as researchers from the University of Ghana, the 3-day event started on the evening of the 26th, with a meeting at the Urumuli Hotel in Byumba. The representatives of the three partner Universities exchanged news and ideas regarding the main event (27th of February, at UTAB) as well as the projects activities in the following months. It was a very productive in-person discussion, and the project partners had the chance to get to know the industry partners who travelled with them to Rwanda.

On the following day, when the main event was held at UTAB, all the invited guests, partners and students listened to various presentations about the project, the infrastructure in Rwanda regarding Water Management, as well as Contributions from industry, showing how they are currently managing the different challenges in their fields. At the end of a long day, which was divided into two sections by a joint lunch break, the Vice Chancellor of UTAB ended the event with a closing remark, looking back at a very productive and fruitful day of discussion.

Concluding the 3-day event, the partners met once again on the 28th, to talk about the previous day and to plan the next steps of the project. The partners set the dates for the next big events, being the NEWW summer school 2024 (Rwanda, mid-September) as well as the career fair 2024 in Ghana (Accra, November).


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