About the Project

The Network for Labour-Market oriented Education in Waste and Water Management (NEWW) is made up of the University of Oldenburg (UOL), the University of Ghana (UG) and the University of Arts and Technology Byumba (UTAB) in Rwanda as well as their multiple business partners from the industries of water and waste management

Together, the network will address the obstacles and market failures as well as potentials impacting labour market stability in the target sectors Water and Waste in Ghana and Rwanda. Country-specific insights will be incorporated into practice-oriented teaching and up-skilling activities on the overarching topic of circular economy in waste and water management.

University of Oldenburg
University of Ghana

Aligning the interests of university and business partners to create sustainable
partnerships and a high quality work force

Three Pillars of NEWW


  • development of a lecture series module
  • practice oriented focus modules
  • practice-related thesis topics in cooperation with business partners


  • publications in the field of water and waste management
  • closer association between the universities and their industry partners


  • yearly career promoting events to attract companies of interest for the students
  • internships at industry partners